The Englewood Surgery Center is an outpatient ambulatory surgery center located on New Health’s main clinic campus. ESC is a one-of-a kind center in the Rocky Mountains states and dedicated to providing treatment and optimal care to spine patients.

ESC is different from general ambulatory surgery centers that attempt to meet everyone’s needs. Rather, Englewood Surgery Center staff, treatment protocols and services are customized to spine care and pain relief. This means ESC nurses already know our patients. This is possible due to a shared electronic medical records system with New Health. Furthermore, since our nurses specialize in pain treatment and spinal care, they understand the needs and challenges of each spine patient, as well as the procedures performed at Englewood Surgery Center.

Our focused approach to spine care, combined with decades of experience, equals competency. We are committed to excellence, patient safety, better treatment outcomes and providing a high level of patient satisfaction. If your New Health doctor recommends a procedure, be assured that the services the Englewood Surgery Center provides will help you on your way to improved health.