Non-operative and surgical options for pain treatment

From physical therapy to outpatient surgery, New Health offers a range of options for treating chronic or acute pain. Our providers are both good listeners and caregivers, who are committed to understanding and working with patients to develop the best, individualized approach for treating pain. New Health provides care in a convenient and coordinated fashion – all from our in-house providers.

Treatment Options

New Health is committed to patient education and engagement, where patients fully understand their diagnosis and treatment plan and receive the support necessary to actively participate in their care and achieve treatment goals.

Behavioral Health

Unlike most pain treatment centers, New Health offers group therapy, which allows patients to enjoy the support of other patients with similar struggles. New Health also provides individual sessions for those who need more emotional support or additional coping skills to overcome their challenges.

Physical Therapy

Our therapy is designed to help patients become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger so they can live happier, healthier lives.

Addiction Treatment

Aside from our chronic pain treatment, New Health is happy to serve people who come to us struggling with addiction to opiates, alcohol, stimulants and/or any other substance.

Diagnostic Imaging

Conveniently located on-site at our clinic, a state-of-the-art MRI and digital X-Ray services support diagnosis and treatment.

Lab Services

Our Urine Analysis Lab which is located across the street enables identification of potential risk factors prior to any pain treatment.

Patient Navigators

New Health’s patient navigators provide patients guidance as they embark on their treatment journeys. They connect patients with necessary treatments by sourcing providers, making appointments and bridging communications between patients and providers.

Patient Focused

Traditional office settings can present unintended barriers to some patients. Our pain treatment centers offer family-friendly waiting rooms, good provider to patient ratios and multi-lingual staff to enhance the experience of our underserved patients.

Patient Education

Our goal is to help patients actively engage in their own care. We will educate patients on good health care practices and their individualized treatment plans, as well as offer regular check-ins to support patients over the course of their treatment.