New Health: Compassionate Care is our Hallmark

Working at New Health is the culmination of a dream that began for me at the age of three, when I was already dressing up as a nurse, eager to follow in the footsteps of my mom. When she talked at home about the people she had helped during the day, her eyes would light up, and often tear up, and her compassion was contagious. I don’t remember a day when I ever doubted that I was meant to be in this role. Nursing was always in my blood.

I have cared for patients since 1984, working throughout my career with people who are struggling in some way or another with pain. Particularly with chronic pain patients, I have seen the emotional need that is almost always there alongside the pain. That is why I was excited to become a part of New Health’s vision, treating behavior health needs in coordination with pain management. Behavioral health is a huge piece that has been missing from chronic pain care treatment until now. Putting these two key components together is the right thing to do. It helps keep patients with chronic pain from becoming addicted to pain medication, or it helps free them from that addiction, and it gives them the necessary tools to rejoin society.

We have had patients come to us uncertain about how their appointment would go, and they leave New Health with tears of relief in their eyes. They have been surprised and so grateful to finally get the time they need to explain the full picture of their health struggles to a doctor who looks them in the eye and really listens. In addition, patients spend time with a therapist and with other patients who understand how hard it can be to hold everything together at home and at work while struggling through pain. They tell us they have never had an experience quite like this before. They have never felt like they were truly being heard until now.

Many of our patients come to us as Medicaid or Medicare patients, after frustrating experiences where they haven’t had access to the care they deserve in a timely manner. At New Health, we embrace those patients, we welcome them in and we get to work. We know that each patient who walks through our doors has a real struggle with pain, and they are likely someone’s parent or uncle or sibling or child.

Our doctors, nurses and therapists problem-solve together for our patients and work as a team toward one goal – to get to the root of the problem and fix it. We want each of our patients functioning, happy and back into what they enjoy doing that gives them a sense of purpose. To me, this type of all-inclusive health care setting is one-of-a kind.

Denise Finn-Zinn has provided direct patient care, oversight of surgical cases and management of nursing staff for more than 30 years. She is a graduate of Villanova University. At New Health, Denise actively participates in clinical care advancements and implementation of new surgery center standards with a focus on ensuring patient satisfaction, quality and safety.