Integrating Medical Care with Mental Wellness

When suffering from chronic pain, it’s not just the body that hurts. Physical pain also affects mental health, emotional well-being and quality of life. Chronic pain may also cause or increase worry, anxiety, frustration, anger and depression, making the physical pain worse and hampering abilities to cope.

That is why a whole-person approach is an integral part of health care at New Health. We understand that physical, emotional and mental health care are connected, especially for patients with chronic pain.

Our unique approach allows patients to experience optimal pain relief and feel empowered to more fully participate in their lives. Patients receive valuable tools and skills to help minimize or avoid opiates while learning how to successfully navigate the mental and emotional difficulties that almost always accompany physical pain. This is critical now more than ever since as a country we are seeing a high risk for addiction in patients with chronic pain as well as the overuse of opiate medications.

At New Health, our intake assessment helps identify the physical, psychological and social factors that are having an affect on a person’s health. Our doctors and therapists work together as a team to formulate a treatment plan and make sure each patient’s individual physical and mental wellness needs are met.

Regardless of where a person is in their journey with pain, we meet them there and help them find the best path forward through high-quality, integrated medical and behavioral health care.

Unlike most pain treatment centers, New Health offers group therapy, which allows patients to enjoy the support of other patients with similar struggles. We also provide individual sessions for those who need more emotional support or additional coping skills to overcome their challenges.

Aside from our chronic pain treatment, New Health is happy to serve people who come to us struggling with addiction to opiates, alcohol, stimulants and/or any other substance. We offer various levels of addiction treatment, including intensive outpatient therapy (IOP).Our qualified team carefully monitors progress to make sure each of our patients has the tools needed in recovery to succeed in their long-term treatment goals.

Our therapy is designed to help patients become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger so they can live happier, healthier lives. Even patients not struggling with chronic pain can enroll in our addiction treatment services. Regardless of a patient’s situation, they are welcome, and we can help.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain and/or addiction, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. We are not afraid to tackle this with you.

Connect with us today at 720.274.0341 or here so we can start helping you find a better way forward.