Introducing New Health: A New Model for Pain Treatment

Accessing the right treatment plan can be a challenge for anyone suffering from chronic or acute pain. For patients without financial resources or private health insurance, the obstacles can be insurmountable.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to New Health Pain Treatment Centers, which offers comprehensive pain treatment to a range of patients, some of whom are currently underserved. We believe all patients deserve the best care possible and the opportunity to return to a high quality of life.

Chances are, you haven’t run across a delivery model like New Health. Pain treatment – like many other areas of health care — has historically operated in silos, with different entities providing diagnosis and treatment planning, imaging, physical therapy, surgery and other services. This can lead to disjointed care, where patients are more likely to fall through the cracks and receive less-than-optimum outcomes.

And almost always missing from the equation is behavioral health, despite more than 22,000 Coloradans reporting dependence on opioids. Chronic and acute pain can take a devastating toll on the mind and body, and difficulty in one area will affect the other. New Health believes it is irresponsible to provide pain treatment without behavioral health support. That’s why we require an initial assessment and ongoing behavioral health treatment for patients with chronic pain. Individual and group therapy provides patients with the treatment and tools to help them manage their pain from the inside out. Whether behavioral health symptoms are new or previously diagnosed, New Health patients will receive the services and support to help address mental health concerns throughout their treatment.

As you can see, at New Health, we take a whole-person approach. Offering a comprehensive range of services under one umbrella means patients receive the appropriate treatment in a convenient and coordinated fashion. Providers seamlessly share information in real time, and treatment plans are adjusted to reflect patient progress and individual needs.

I’m excited to be part of an organization delivering ground-breaking care to underserved populations. Everyone deserves high-quality care delivered with dignity and respect. At New Health, we’re breaking down silos and serving an urgent need for comprehensive pain treatment. And in health care, it doesn’t get much better than that.